Inspired by a terrible first night on-call, Dr Mohammod Chisti developed a low cost innovation to help save lives of babies with pneumonia.

Dr Chisti, who is from Bangladesh, published his findings in The Lancet. 

BBC Innovators: Baby Lifesavers

The man who saves babies with pneumonia with shampoo bottles. Full story: #BBCInnovators

(via BBC India)

Posted by BBC News on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Source: BBC News

This doctor is using a shampoo bottle to save lives

  • Tuhin Ahmed

    We are extremely grateful for your incredible innovation. Most of the pleople in our planet whose innovated something new which is ruining people’s life (nuclear, synthetic egg etc) but you have innovated something that is able to save millions of children life as well as dreams of their parents.

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