Social responsibility has long been seen as secondary to the primary aim of businesses – profit maximisation. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, often forms a single arm of a much larger company.

Yet now, as we near 2016, more and more businesses are putting social aims at the heart of their vision. This post will explore briefly a few of our favorite examples of businesses with solving healthcare problems at the centre of their vision.

Premature Birth

According to the World Health Organization 10% of babies born worldwide are premature. Of these,  3 off every 4 that die could be saved with a treatment such as MOM, and inexpensive incubator providing a stable heat environment for pre-term babies.

MOM is a system highly adapted to the places where it is most needed, and early research identified that care packages are already often supplied, and the system was designed to collapse down to fit inside these existing packages. Moreover power issues in refugee camps and other relevant environments mean the incubator is designed to operate from both battery and solar power.


Tinnitus is often known as ringing in the ears, but can consist of a range of sounds, including buzzing and hissing. Tinnitracks is an innovative way to treat tinnitus, by listening to your favourite music, but with one small adjustment – it is specially filtered to remove specific frequencies of sound.

Being able to choose your own music, rather than listening to pre-recorded and unfamiliar sounds, provides motivation to engage with the treatment. Tinnitracks is already available as an app in Germany!

Iron Deficiency

Micronutrients such as iron are important for all sorts of bodily functions, so when almost half the world’s population is deficient in iron, leading to anaemia and a range of other complications, something needs to be done. That something is the Lucky Iron Fish.

The fish is exactly what one would expect, a small iron fish, which when used for cooking can provide a family with up to 75% of their daily iron intake for 5 years. That is a huge contribution to combatting nutrient deficiency and Lucky Iron Fish has already been rolled out to great success in Cambodia

The business world is changing: founders no longer just want to turn a monetary profit, but a societal one. It’s starting to happen.

The Rise of the Social Enterprise

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