Policy Associate

Policy Associate

Location: UK (Home Based)
Dates: Continuous

Selfless is looking for future Policy Leaders to help our programmes team share our experience and best practice whilst developing new solutions to healthcare challenges at home and abroad.

If you are interested in health policy and social entrepreneurship, then this might be the opportunity you've been looking for.

Improving healthcare


Policy Associates support the Selfless research programme and contribute to policy papers.

Associates will also support Selfless’ online output by writing blog posts and creating presentations.

We are looking for someone who has:

 An inquisitive mind with an interest in global health and innovation.
 Some experience of conducting research on public policy
 Good interpersonal skills
 Organised and with a good attention to detail
 Some desk-based research experience desirable and the ability to share findings in short well-written reports and blogs.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of person are you looking for?

This role is ideal for someone looking to get hands on experience in policy writing and research. Candidates must be able to get to grips quickly with complex problems and write about them in a fluent and engaging way.

What skills and experience do I need?

Strong candidates will be highly self-motivated with a track record of successfully completing projects. They may have had prior experience in blogging or policy writing, and take a particular interest in global health and/or innovation.

What kind of work will I be doing?

Selfless works with a range of government and NGO stakeholders to produce research and reports on topics as diverse as medical education, digital technology, and global volunteering

Your work will be shared with our community of leading experts and practitioners across healthcare and international development.

What kind of commitment do you expect?

Depending on the project, commitment can be flexible. We will work with you to establish a reasonable timetable for completion.

What remuneration do you offer?

This is an expenses-paid role. Further remuneration may be available subject to the scope of the proposed project.

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  • Selfless gave me the opportunity to meet amazing young people who I will never forget and never would have met otherwise.

    Heather Lund Student
  • Working for Selfless led from one opportunity to another. I’ve since gone on to film and produce health related documentaries for major outlets like Channel 4.

    Ndubuisi Uchea Founder, Word On the Kerb
  • It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re busy with a 9 to 5, volunteering for Selfless helped broaden my horizons and bring everything back into perspective.

    Rose Wynter Civil Service
  • You can sit back and complain about the woes of the world but Selfless pushed me out the front door to actually go and do something to make it better.

    Dr Abdullatif Ghuwel Doctor
  • I can’t think of a time in my life where I felt so grateful for things I had as I did when I was in Bangladesh. Every human deserves to at least have simple things like running water, food and free healthcare.

    Dr Jamil Chowdhury Junior Doctor

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