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noun | skil•lan•thro•py

The practice of sharing one’s time and skills to help
make life better for other human beings.

Selfless harnesses the ideas and abilities of bright young people to improve the lives of others worldwide.

Volunteering with Selfless provides a unique insight into the workings of health systems and unparalleled access to leading organisations across the global health and technology sphere.

There are various opportunities to #BeSelfless – fundraise and volunteer to support our mission; help create better health policy; or develop cutting-edge digital health technology.

Improve access to healthcare worldwide.

Elective Aid

Annual expedition, 28 th July – 12 th August 2019,
closing on 31st March 2019

Our award-winning global health programme delivers rural health camps across Bangladesh. To date, our volunteers have been able to provide free medical treatment to over 30,000 people.

The trip also includes visits to our partner hospitals and academic institutions, and capacity building opportunities.

Redesigning healthcare through


Become a Social Impact Fellow

We need better ideas to guide the way we deliver care. Patients, clinicians and industry are the key players in co-creating solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare problems.

We seek to utilise emerging technologies and innovation to create social impact. Join our community of changemakers to develop the tools, ideas and connections to transform healthcare worldwide.

We can change the world


Do you have what it takes to #BeSelfless?

Participating in any of our programmes is a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience.

Our volunteers transform the lives of others as well as their own by honing professional skills and personal qualities integral to individual development.

Mohsin’s Story

Elective Aid completely changed my outlook on the two very different worlds we live in. Almost all of the patients we saw had never seen a doctor before, so to see their expressions when we arrived at the camps made me realise how much they appreciated us but also how much work there needs to be done. We were well supervised and supported at all times – I learnt so much about myself and medicine in such a short period of time.

Katy’s Story

This was my first time in Bangladesh and I hope it won’t be my last. Whatever fears I had about not having much clinical experience or knowing the local language quickly disappeared. Our group grew into a family, helping one another and having fun along the way. We were able to make a difference whether it was visiting mothers’ clubs or in the fistula clinics, and more importantly as global health ambassadors on returning home.

Our programmes

Elective Aid
Elective Aid
Friends Of Selfless
Friends Of Selfless
Policy Associate
Policy Associate
  • Selfless gave me the opportunity to meet amazing young people who I will never forget and never would have met otherwise.

    Heather Lund Student
  • Working for Selfless led from one opportunity to another. I’ve since gone on to film and produce health related documentaries for major outlets like Channel 4.

    Ndubuisi Uchea Founder, Word On the Kerb
  • It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re busy with a 9 to 5, volunteering for Selfless helped broaden my horizons and bring everything back into perspective.

    Rose Wynter Civil Service
  • You can sit back and complain about the woes of the world but Selfless pushed me out the front door to actually go and do something to make it better.

    Dr Abdullatif Ghuwel Doctor
  • I can’t think of a time in my life where I felt so grateful for things I had as I did when I was in Bangladesh. Every human deserves to at least have simple things like running water, food and free healthcare.

    Dr Jamil Chowdhury Junior Doctor

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