On Thursday 5th November 2015, Lloyd B. Minor, Dean of Stanford Medical School delivered Selfless’ inaugural Leadership Masterclass at the Health Innovation Network Headquarters in South London.

In attendance was a lively audience of healthcare leaders, including Sir Robert Lechler, Executive Director of Kings Health Partners, Tara Donnelly, Managing Director of the Health Innovation Network and Professor Richard Trembath, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at Kings College, London. The event was hosted by Faheem Ahmed, Director of Policy at Selfless.

Dean Minor spoke on the topic ‘Leading an Academic Medical Centre: Lessons in Leadership through Uncertainty and Change’. The presentation challenged much of the received wisdom on leadership, and encouraged an engaging debate about how to build successful teams, coping with change, and the distinction between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’.

Dean Minor’s presentation also addressed the specific context of healthcare, encouraging the audience to share their thoughts on the unique challenges facing the sector, and how these challenges might be overcome.

As one audience member put it, “We cannot ignore that the emotional importance of what we do for our patients is so much greater than for any other sector”.

Lloyd B. Minor became Dean of Stanford Medical School in 2012 and is a Professor of Otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. Prior to taking up this position, Dean Minor held a leading role at Johns Hopkins University. In 2012 he was elected to Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences.

Following the event, Dean Minor extended his support to the work of Selfless:

“I want to extend my sincere congratulations and appreciation to everyone working at Selfless. It has been wonderful learning about the mission of your organisation and I wish you every success in the future’.

Selfless would like to sincerely thank Dean Minor for his fascinating and engaging talk, the Health Innovation Network for hosting, and all those who attended the event.

This Masterclass was part of a series of events being hosted by Selfless to discover how we can address future healthcare challenges. More information about Selfless’ events can be found by visiting selfless.org.uk.

Selfless is an award winning social enterprise based in London, United Kingdom. Our mission is to address global healthcare challenges through social and technological innovation. Follow us on Twitter @SelflessUK.




Selfless Masterclass with Lloyd B Minor – Dean of Stanford Medical School. “Leading an Academic Medical Centre: Lessons in Leadership through Uncertainty and Change.”

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