Unicef report that since violence erupted across Rakhine State, Myanmar, on 25 August 2017, some 656,000 refugees have poured across the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

They have joined the more than 200,000 others who had came in previous cross-border influxes.

Almost 60 per cent of the refugees are children. Many have become separated from their families or fled on their own. All have suffered tremendous loss.

Through your support and the efforts of volunteer leaders Shahab and Sayed, Selfless has been able to provide:

Dr Faheem Ahmed of Selfless said:

“The plight Rohingyan refugees is heartbreaking. Selfless has had a long affiliation with Bangladesh since our inception in 2008. Our recent efforts in the refugee camps have focused on improving access to water and sanitation.

We are inspired by the efforts of our volunteers Shahab and Sayed who self-funded their trip in order to show solidarity with the refugees and hand deliver 1000 Baby Bundles to mothers and children.”

Photos can be viewed here



Selfless distributes 1000 ‘Baby Bundles’ to Rohingyan Refugees

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