On November 15th Selfless visited the Medica Trade Fair 2015 in Dusseldorf. As a healthcare based social enterprise moving into the tech space there are few better places to be than the world’s largest medical trade show. It is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in healthcare innovation, and the size of the event showed plenty are. Over four days 130,000 specialist visitors attended, from around 120 nations.

However there were a limited number of doctors and hospital directors there themselves. This was frustrating for many of the participants who had outstanding ideas, with wearables, remote care and gamification key themes, but lacked access to potential end-users. This is where we believe Selfless’ HealthMakeSpace can come in, as a platform connecting innovators with healthcare professionals. It is that clinical knowledge and buy in that is crucial to these potential disruptive technologies driving incredible improvements in healthcare over the next 10 years.

Overall the event was a fantastic experience and we’d highly recommend it, particularly if you’re a healthcare professional interested in witnessing the future of healthcare. The dynamism and competitive nature of today’s healthcare market was clear and the traditional view of a market with relatively few major firms was certainly challenged, with many small, young companies exhibiting from across the globe. So after days of intense exposure to healthcare innovation one thing is for sure, the healthcare landscape is shifting, and fast.

Selfless Attend Medica Trade Fair 2015 in Düsseldorf

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