Selfless was established in 2008, with an aim to make healthcare accessible to all. We have a variety of programmes under our care. With evolving times, we choose to innovate in the ways we provide access to healthcare. The following programmes are currently being implemented:

  • Global Health Leadership Programme: Our award-winning global health programme delivers rural health camps across Bangladesh. Working with local providers to provide care to those in need.
  • A Brush with Kindness: This programme aims to promote oral health and hygiene by conducting oral health awareness in schools and through distribution of toothbrushes.
  • Upahar: The Selfless Baby Bundle is a single kit with the essentials for postpartum care.​ It is designed around the established practice of a ‘bounty pack’ in the UK – a gift for mothers.​ The reusable Bundle is made from organic, locally sourced jute, made by local women​.The bundle is backed with evidence based interventions to support improved post natal care and essential parent information .​Receipt is conditional on presenting to local health centre 
  • Porishkar : Porishkar (Bangla:Clear). This is often the first words a patient mentions after a procedure to restore their sight. Our aim is to identify members from poor households who are currently cannot partake in mainstream (governmental and NGO) eye care programmes due to poor access or lack of funds. We identify these patients, access and treat these patients through a network of ‘ambucycles’ and partner specialist eye hospitals. We help get these ‘bread winners’ back to work and back into society quicker – this prevents poverty, and further ill-health, for themselves and their families. We make high quality eye care both affordable and accessible.