On 26th September 2015, young health leaders from across the UK will assemble in London for the OneDay Global Health Leadership Summit.

This year’s event will tackle issues at the intersection of UK Health, Global Health and Women’s Empowerment. As the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals make clear, achieving gender equality, not least in the realms of health and social inclusion, is a priority for the world moving forward.

The conference will feature two keynote addresses from leaders in the field of healthcare and international development. Following this, our ‘Global Health Ambassadors’ will be invited to attend workshops on the following four topics central to women’s empowerment in the UK and internationally.

  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Obstetric Fistula
  • HPV and Cervical Cancer
  • Mental Health and Stigma

Our Ambassadors will take this knowledge and experience back into their communities, delivering workshops, disseminating knowledge and raising awareness.

Applications to attend the OneDay Global Health Leadership Conference will soon open, so keep an eye on the Apply section of our website at selfless.org.uk/programmes/apply.

You can also follow the event on twitter by following us @SelflessUK or by using the hashtag #OneDay2015

OneDay Global Health Leadership Summit

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