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On 17 June, two of our fantastic volunteers, Omaid Saeed and Qudsia Enayat, visited the Lambeth Asian Centre in Streatham to deliver a workshop on ‘Mood and Wellbeing’. As a day-centre for older members of the South Asian diaspora, the LAC provides fantastic support to the local community, promoting health and independence. Selfless are delighted to be working with such an excellent partner.

The goal of the London Health Ambassador programme is to harness the medical and cultural expertise of young health students and professionals to raise awareness and increase understanding of pressing health issues within London’s diverse communities.

Omaid and Qudsia delivered their workshop in English and Hindi before handing the floor to the team leader of Amardeep South Asian Mental Health service to run a “Laughing Yoga” class.

One attendee was delighted with the workshop, praising the ‘positive attitude and effort’ the volunteers took ‘to make everybody understand and laugh’. Others endorsed the programme by asking Selfless to ‘come more often!’

Selfless’ Head of Engagement Mona Hakim was also present. ‘It was so incredible to watch the workshop being delivered in Hindi and Urdu and to see the community so keen to contribute and learn. Omaid and Qudsia did such a great job and I’m so looking forward to where we’ll go with this programme!’

To discover more about our volunteering programmes, please visit our Programmes page at selfless.org.uk/programmes. You can learn more about the activities of the Lambeth Asian Centre at www.woodlawns.org.uk/about-us/current-users/lambeth-asian-centre.

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