Selfless’ founder  Dr Na’eem Ahmed appeared on Nadia Ali’s Sunday evening show on BBC Asian Network to talk about Selfless’ work in Bangladesh.

Appearing alongside Dr Ahmed was lawyer Shabina Begum who recently worked with BLAST, a Bangladeshi organisation providing legal aid to people living in poverty.

Since 2008, Selfless has worked alongside Bangladeshi doctors and UK medical students to provide health services to underserved rural communities across Bangladesh.

Dr Ahmed highlighted the skills-sharing potential of forming health partnerships between UK and Bangladeshi healthcare professionals.

“These [Bangladeshi] doctors are highly skilled and understand the local diseases and illnesses in Bangladesh. People go out there to help, and they end up learning”

For young people that want to ‘give back’ to Bangladesh, the message was “don’t let it stop there”.

“When you come back, get involved in research, promote what you’re doing, talk at conferences… Try to build institutional links. If you are a medical student or a doctor, talk to your dean or your consultant and ask to build links with hospitals [abroad]”

“It will help the hospitals in Bangladesh develop their services, but it will also help NHS hospitals in learning different ways of doing things”

Over the past 12 months, Selfless has been working with the Tropical Health and Education Trust and the Department for International Development to develop the next generation of global health leaders. To discover more about Selfless’ work, click here.

To listen to the full BBC interview, click here. (Available until 16/02/2016)

Bengalis Giving Back- BBC Interview with Selfless’ Dr Na’eem Ahmed

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