Selfless UK has operated for over 12 years now. Our mission has always been centred around tackling health inequalities – both nationally and internationally. Over the years we have worked in local communities, delivering workshops and health education to the South Asian population in London. We have contributed to shaping national policy and we have run our flagship Elective Aid programme in rural Bangladesh for over a decade.


This is why we have signed up as a member of the Inequalities in Health Alliance. The Inequalities in Health Alliance is a coalition of organisations with an interest in improving the health of the UK who have come together to campaign for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities.The aim of the Inequalities in Health Alliance is to foster consensus and collaborative work to reduce  health inequality between organisations with an interest in health and care.

We are disheartened to learn from the Marmot 2020 review that health inequalities have widened over the last ten years. However, we are hopeful that as the Inequalities in Health Alliance, we will work together to improve healthcare for all.


Dr Jahangir Alom

Programme Director


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