1.  Make sure that you click the “fundraise for us” button on your chosen charity’s page

Not only will this mean that the funds that you raise will go directly to your chosen charity, it also means that you will appear on that charity’s JustGiving page, lending you some much valuable exposure.


2.  Ask your chosen charity to advertise on your behalf

Charities love individuals who offer to fundraise for them. They will usually be more than happy to oblige in advertising your fundraiser (given that the funds raised will be going directly to them. Charities usually have large social networks and a big pool of people who are keen to donate towards them – so this could be hugely beneficial to your fundraiser.


3.  Band together

Many of our Elective Aid participants choose to put up joint fundraising pages with a friend that is also taking part in Elective Aid. This means that they have double the network to leverage and double the brainpower to come up with innovative fundraising ideas.


4.  Put the fun in fundraising

People are more likely to donate to you, if they get some enjoyment out of the experience. Bake sales, parties and seeing a fundraiser shave their own head are things that people will always pay for.


Events are a great way of combining personal enjoyment for your participants with a great fundraising opportunity for you. Consider hosting a pub quiz, fashion show or 50:50 raffle. Often you can get businesses to donate prizes for such events, meaning that all of the proceeds can go directly towards your campaign.


5.  Pick a realistic target

Someone looking at a £100k fundraiser with only £25 raised so far, may think it somewhat futile to contribute. However, if the same person saw a £1000 fundraiser with only £25 left to reach the target, then they are much more likely to want to donate to push it over the line.


Remember that people can keep on donating even once you’ve reached your target, so it’s better to under-promise and over-deliver, than to overpromise and under-deliver.


6.  Remember that you can fundraise outside of JustGiving too

You can put on events and raise funds independently of your web fundraiser. Once you have collected the funds, you can put them on the JustGiving page as outside donations and they will go towards your total fundraising goal.


7.  Social media is your best friend

Remember that the vast majority of funds that you raise will be from people that you know personally – friends, family and coworkers. The best place to target this captive audience is through your social media channels.


Some social networks, like Facebook, offer tools specially designed for fundraising.


8.  Keep updating your page

Post regularly on your page to keep people up to date with how your fundraising is going. Here you can advertise fundraising events, let your supporters know how close you are to reaching your goal and make further pitches for donations are your deadline draws closer.


9.  Fundraising doesn’t have a deadline

Even if you are fundraising for a particular event, such as Elective Aid, the process of fundraising itself does not need to end at this date. You can keep on pushing for funds after you have undertaken the task. In fact – you can post an update with pictures of your excursion, which can encourage even more donations.


10.  Choose your pictures wisely

The pictures on your fundraiser are what help draw people in. You should make sure that they are as indicative as possible of the problem that you are seeking to tackle, as well as how these funds will go towards achieving this goal.


Some of our most successful Elective Aid fundraisers in the past have used pictures of Elective Aid participants administering medical assistants to

10 Tips for Boosting Your JustGiving Fundraiser

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